New Year, New You!

Soon enough the New Year will be rolling around and after we sing for Auld Lang Syne and toast the new beginning with a flute of the best champagne, it comes the time for resolution. Every single year, bars are stuffed with party goers through December and gyms are stuffed with regretful men and women who were over gluttonous through the Christmas and Holiday festivities. What to do, what to do? We do have an answer for that, and that is that your resolution should be to make better choices all round and have it last longer than just the month of January.

January is the most miserable, cold month of the year – unless you’re in Australia where although hot and sunshiney, still has the ramifications of the Christmas spending you would have done. With little money comes less treats and alcohol, which let’s face it you won’t want to see anyway after all the indulgence you’ve just partaken in! Come January, you will be hot onto Google looking for the best full body cleanse detox and cheapest deals on gym membership. It’s the busiest time of year for health clubs as those determined to shed the pounds again in time for the summertime are signing up quick smart.

Work out DVDs from every celebrity under the sun go flying off the shelves and fruit and vegetable offers shoot off as well as blenders and juicers. You have to ask yourself what is a good detox cleanse for the body and go with it. Some people like to live on fruit and vegetable juices for a few weeks to cleanse their insides of the fatty sausage rolls and quiche slices they’d already consumed. Mostly, people start cutting down on carbs and fat and start running routines to get themselves fit again.

The phrase ‘New Year, New You’ is thrown around a lot in the pursuit of a hot new summer body but sometimes that phrase can mean something more. Sometimes it refers to your outlook on life and your attitude to yourself, and believing that you are just fine as you are. Sometimes everything in moderation is a mantra you should uphold and make who you are the best you can be and not try and copy the latest skinny celebrity. Extreme diets are not the way to go when it comes to the New Year, and a new year isn’t a good reason to start some kind of extreme quest to get thin. If you want to make a change within yourself, start today and don’t wait. Smile more at people as you pass them on the street. Eat better because of how the different food tastes and makes you feel rather than because you believe in the calories being less than normal.

Embrace the you that you are already and you will be happier for it!