What to expect when it’s your first time playing golf

We can’t even say that in order for us to enjoy the golf game, we have to master the expert level. If it’s your first time to visit a golf course, our reaction to it normally is to be amazed and say wow, even taking selfies is highly expected. Aside from that, we are excited to have a tour around the area and to top it all off, experience the game itself. Playing golf for the first time would be a bit hard in a way that we are not used to it. That is why most golf custom fitting company surrey assures proper physique assessment so that they can give you the right equipment to use in accordance to your hand size, your strength and most importantly your physique in striking the ball.

Moving forward, there are lots of things in a golf course that may be new to us making us only have a tad idea about the said subject. So, for us to widen up our knowledge about golf, learn more from the following points about what to expect in a golf course if you are new to it.

Arrival to the club – As a first timer to this sport, most would feel intimidated when they arrived at the area. Unlike from what we saw on movies, there is always a designated area where we should drop off our golf bag, and this area is called as the “Bag Drop”. Normally, there are staff who are going to welcome you starting from this point. However, if you have no golf bag with you, you can immediately proceed to the parking area. Above all else, it would be best to ask a staff once you arrive so that you will be guided accordingly because there are some clubs that have different rulings.

Check in – After the first step, you may now be ready for check in. You should inform the staff your intention for coming like to have a golf lesson, to have a single round of golfing experience or even to avail other programs. Also, it would be best if you are going to inform the staff that it is your first time in the facility and it would be lovely once they will give you a facility tour to get familiarized with the club.

Know the lesson that is right for you – Since this is your first time; make sure to always get the lessons for beginners and not for an advanced player. Don’t be in a hurry to learn the sport, gradual exposure and constant practice will definitely help you master the game.

For visitors – There are some friends who are supportive enough to go with you and watch you play golf. They may come and visit but they have to follow rulings as implemented by the club. Surrey golf clubs courses often give warm welcome to family members through hospitality, advanced facility and a restaurant for them to enjoy their time to relax, to eat or even watch the television.